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Kim Clark Fine Art


Welcome to Kim Clark Fine Art!  

Please note that after a busy holiday season, we are taking some time off to recharge the creative batteries. Production of new custom requests, and shipping of all new 2019 orders will commence on JANUARY 14, 2019.

Thank you for your interest!

I am a self taught painter, who strives to create a mood or sense of place with my paintings, through the use of bold colour and sweeping brush strokes, accented by crisp lines and tiny dots. I work primarily in acrylic and watercolour, on canvas, paper and wood. 

An offhanded comment by my husband, led me to create a line of Wearable Art for men and women. Each piece is a tiny watercolour painting that is set under glass, within a hypoallergenic setting, that enables everyone to Wear Art!

Enjoy your time exploring my work. Don't forget to check out the Shop!

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